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Darts: Dylan Slevin "Oceans" 90% - Black Titanium. Price £49.95

First Impressions:

I was very much looking forward to these, as they're similar to the Target ALX that I used as my playing set for a couple of seasons. The Dylan Slevin "Oceans" come in the standard Mission player packaging with the player flights and Mission Sabre shafts included. I immediately noticed the 3 different grip profiles and knew these would be easy to get along with. I got comfortable straight away gripping them from the front and actually put my 1st two darts in the treble 20 before a deflection cost me the 180! These are a very attractive black PVD coated dart, and even though I threw them for 20 mins or so, there was no sign of scratching. This has become fairly common with Mission darts that they hold their coatings better than a lot of the other brands (Especially the Mission Crypt range)

How They Fly:

I threw the 21g version and thought I'd need to throw them a bit harder but that wasn't the case at all. I looped them at my normal pace and was in the focus area of the board near enough every throw. I did get a few deflections to be honest but that's to be expected with a 21g darts with a standard flight on it, I would probably go for a NO6 or NO10 flight if I were to use these in a match, and also put a longer Punk Point on them too!

Pros and Cons

The main pro with these is the versatility they offer. They come in 21g 23g and 25g and can be comfortably used by any grip style of player. So they really are a good set for anyone starting out, or anyone who knows what they want but wants to have grip options too. The price is about right for these, as there's a fair bit of work gone into them. But if I have to pick a con then it would be that they are pvd coated and (possibly) with time may not look as good in time. But I have seen Mission sets last the test of time so I am happy to be corrected.

The Final Score

Front Grip - 5/10

Middle Grip - 8/10

Rear Grip - 5/10

Overall = 8/10 - I really got on well with these, and quickly. Apart from the deflections I had, I couldn't fault them much at all. If I were to put a smaller flight and longer point on them then I'd happily score them higher and have them as a playing set!!

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