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Darts: Mission Bailey Marsh "Ghost" 90% Tungsten. Price £49.95

First Impressions

Standard, neat Mission player dart packaging which include a set of "Ghost" flights, Mission Sabre shafts, and the barrels. These are a really interesting set of darts, the PVD coating gives them a visual edge as well as a subtle grip profile too. The grip is constant though they are front weighted.

How Do They Fly

These were a bit thicker set than my playing darts (Aspinall G2's) but it didn't take me long to find my range with them. They can be gripped from anywhere on the barrel but the natural push point is just off the very front. So a front gripper like me gets the natural dip upon landing in the board every time. The bull nose is also a great feature on these, as my middle finger sits perfectly on it to improve a consistent release. They seemed to respond better when I threw them a bit harder, and also there were only a few strays in the 1's and 5's which was a happy experience!

Pros and Cons

As mentioned, they are a bit thicker than what I'd call ideal but still easy to get along with. The PVD coating looks to be of the highest quality and they look like they won't scratch up very easily. They are only available in 23 and 25 gram so there is a narrow market in that respect. But these are a new dart for a relatively new player coming onto the scene, so I am sure that with any success in the game we will see additions made in the range.

The Final Score

Grip Rating (front, middle and rear) 7/10

Overall Score 7.5/10 - I am sure with time I could get used to these but there are more comfortable darts out there for me if needed. These look a lot more grippy than they actually are, and I am sure that anyone who fancies a top quality front grip biased dart will enjoy these!

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