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Darts: Nathan Aspinall 90% Tungsten Black Swiss Point. Price £79.95

First Impressions:

These come in the standard larger Target packaging with the hard foam interior. They come with the all black Asp flights and a set of Pro Grip shafts (as well as the Swiss Point applicator tool) But your eye goes straight to the barrels on these, visually stunning and offer two very distinctive grip profiles. They don't look like they should blend together but somehow they do!?!? The tapered bull/torpedo nose is a standard feature on Aspinall's darts and since the release of these darts you can now add the Swiss Storm points to them for perfect flow between the barrel and the point. Available in 22g 24g and 26g these cover the perfect range of players weight choices.

How Did They Fly:

Very, Very nice... So forgiving and straighten up perfectly for both middle and front grip players. The middle of the dart is basically a straight barrel and the front is slightly torpedo, and I've never known a set like it. They offer so much range when it comes to players preferences. Once I found my range, I was throwing them comfortably but firm/directly. They dipped just off of level every time and once I was fully happy with where to hold them I was peppering the treble 20. Once I changed to a longer storm point it brought them on again and I was chuffed with my scoring!!

Pros and Cons:

The main pro with these are the way they look, they are stunning... BUT as is usually the case with black darts, I am guessing that these will (over time) scratch. If this doesn't bother you and you're the kind of player who can see passed it and just be happy with how they play then there's no issue at all though. The main pro for me though is the versatility they offer, like a hybrid between straight and torpedo and a mix of middle grip and front grip. I feel like this is why they are so forgiving and straighten up so well. These would be ideal for someone who wanted to experiment and try different set ups.

The Final Score:

Grip Rating Front - 4/10

Grip Rating Middle & Rear - 5.5/10

Overall = 9/10 - I had to be slightly critical of the price point on these darts, given that they are a black set and will not stay as attractive over time. But I appreciate the work gone into them and really REALLY do love playing with them. At the time of writing this, were firmly in the top 5 Target sets that I have every thrown.

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