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Darts: Target Nathan Aspinall G2 95% Tungsten - Swiss Point. Price £84.95

First Impressions:

Stunning... these are right up my street, and as such are my main playing set in my case. I absolutely love torpedo barrels, and since using these have fallen in love with the Swiss Storm Points too (also available in store)

These darts come in the large Target cases but in the 'book' style with a front that opens out. Again, impressive and attractive. Included are the Asp flights, red Target shafts and the Swiss point applicator tool.

How Do They Fly:

Given the shape on these, you'd be forgiven for thinking they favour front grippers (like me) but they offer a comfortable hold for rear grippers too. You can literally throw these from the point and they'd still fly straight, they are THAT forgiving. The balance point is just off centre towards the front and that keeps a consistent dip on the way they land. At the time of writing this review they are still my playing set, and even when I'm playing poorly I still enjoy throwing these.

Pros and Cons:

So many positives to take away from this set, they are visually stunning as well as being a nice narrow barrelled torpedo (which is rare enough) If I had to improve anything it would be to add more grip to the very front as I like to find the knurled part of the front with my thumb for the perfect push point. As they are 50/50 between knurl and smooth sometimes you can lose your rhythm trying to place them between throws. Also, I appreciate the stature of this set and that obviously affects the price. BUT, they are robust enough and will stand the test of time if looked after. There's no coating to get scratched or peel off so they will look great for a very long time.

The Final Score

Grip Rating Front - 5/10

Grip Rating Middle - N/A

Grip Rating Rear - 5/10

Overall = 9/10 - These darts are easily the most fun set I have ever played with. Playing with a thin torpedo shape is something you don't get to do often and they are a pleasure to use even when playing poorly. If they were £15-£20 cheaper (or if I was a millionaire) they'd be a 10/10 hands down.

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