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Darts: Target Crux 03 90% Tungsten - Swiss Point. Price £39.95

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

First Impressions:

These come in the larger Target packaging, so you are immediately happy with the attractive box and hard foam combo. In the box with the darts are the Crux flights, Target black shafts with rings, and the Swiss point applicator tool. They come in 22g 24g and 26g so a standard weight range is available.

How do they fly:

Very smooth, pound for pound a very easy dart to get along with. They offer something for every type of grip, but with the slight scallop in the middle it really does fly well for a middle grip player as the push point is ideally placed. Also, the balance point of the dart is smack bang in the centre. I tried all kinds of set ups with my grip on these and they all worked as nicely as an average player like me could expect. I could make them land flat, or dipped and there was only a couple of wayward darts out of the dozen visits to the oche.

Pros and Cons

If I had to be critical (and it is purely personal preference) then I do find the barrels slightly too long for me. Which made me concentrate a lot more than normal, and I wasn't totally relaxed throwing them. But if these were the only darts available to me to play a match with then I'd have no complaints at all. I would use them before a lot of others that I have tried in the past!!! For £39.95 these really are a great set for someone who's trying to find their best grip set up, and will suit new players as well as seasoned players as well.

The Final Score

Grip Rating Front - 7/10

Grip Rating Middle - 8.5/10

Grip Rating Rear - 7/10

Overall = 8.5/10 - As nice as it is to have the durability to have multiple profiles on a dart, I'd be too tempted to play around and experiment & probably lose matches! But with someone who has better will power than me, these are a great purchase.

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