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Darts Points: Punk Points - Anarchist, Delinquent and Finger Grip - Price £5.95 - £10.95

First Impressions:

The first impression with the Punk range is "cool"... Cool little test tube container, cool logo, and very cool looking product. I was slightly worried about how these points would rip the board up but that was soon put to rest. They have no negative effect on the board whatsoever and will not result in board wear and tare any more than any other point! Very easy to fit with a standard darts re-pointing tool. So no issues there either.

How Have You Tested

I have thrown thousands upon thousands of darts with Punk Points in them, and they are all absolute quality. I've sold hundreds of sets and have had the same positive "wow!" response from every customer who has used them. They stay sharp for so long, and they can hold to the board with literally millimetres of the point! So I can honestly say that these will drastically reduce bounce outs. I have settled for the finger grip anarchist ones in my playing darts as I am a front gripper. Purely personal preference on that.

Pros and Cons

The main pro is the quality of these points, I am still yet to sharpen mine as they are still like new. Also at £5.95 for the 'non finger grip' anarchist and delinquents then it's not an absolute bank breaker for any player to give them a try to see how they get on (I am yet to find a customer who hasn't liked them) The black finger grip are slightly more expensive but this isn't an issue once you know what you like and you know how long they will last.

If I was to give a con, and I really am scraping the barrel on this. It would be that the delinquents in one of my demo sets have slightly discoloured. This may well be down to them not being used very often though, but even with the slight corrosion on them they are still wickedly sharp and play just as well as anything else. I've had no issue at all with any of the Anarchist range at all though.

The Final Score

9.5/10 - Apart from the discoloured delinquents I cannot fault these points. Pound for pound value is through the roof on these and it is no coincidence why these points are used all over Europe, and also used by many PDC card holders right now. I think as the brand grows we can only expect better from Punk. Possibly finger grip delinquent one day? Who knows??

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