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Dartboard: Mission Samurai Infinity - Price £49.95

First Impressions:

The first impression you get when you unpack this board is how well Mission have done "keeping it simple" yet improved on the quality so so much. The colours are bright, the black wire with sky blue print looks great. But the main point is there were no veins, no hard spots or soft spots, it was the consistency throughout the board that really got me thinking that this was worth more than £49.95!!

How did it take the punishment:

I have thrown ALOT of darts at this board. I try many sets out, but my playing sets use Punk Point Anarchist, and Target Storm Nano grip respectively. The nano points do leave a mark but nothing more than you'd expect, and the punk leave next to nothing at all. After extensive use there are no white fibres coming through, and no bounce outs worth mentioning (I literally don't think the punk points have bounced out once!)

Customer feedback and early impressions tell me that this board will last, and then last some more. If looked after and rotated regularly you will get way more than your monies worth out of it.

Pros and Cons:

Where do I start, the main pro is the price. This board is as good as a blade 6 carbon and yet £30 cheaper!! when you put this board up against the Blade 6 Carbon or the Shot Bandit you really cannot tell me or anyone that it is worse in any way at all. I accept that you get some free goodies and gimmicks with the Shot Bandit which warrant the price point to an extent. But pound for pound value on these is unrivalled. They are not too hard, or too soft, they are consistently good throughout the board and are worthy of any level of match to be played on. If I had to give it a "con" then I would say that id have set it apart a bit more from the norm, ie the black wire is great but i'd have maybe put HD numbers on it or something just to make it set out more from the rest of the field in it's price range as it really doesn't deserve to be in that price class...... it's basically too cheap for what it is.

The Final Score:

9.5/10 - Mission have outdone themselves with this and I really don't know what the next step is for them! I deducted 0.5 from 10 purely because I think it could be made to stand with the 'elite' boards more and offer something visually different. But from the customers point of view I cannot see anyone having anything negative to say about them. I have sold dozens and dozens of these this year and every single one has impressed their respective new owners.

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